Agriculture’s grammar is expanding.
This growth increases our ability to to better feed, clothe, fuel, protect and heal ourselves.

Introducing The New Ag Playbook.
A better way to accommodate agriculture's growing cash flow, market power and the way we determine sustainability.

The whole language system and structure used to describe agriculture dependent food, feed, fiber, biofuels, biomaterials, biopharma, etc. has grown to accommodate new people’s views, new technologies, new power structures and new ways of getting things done or GTD.

Like so many other areas of knowledge, industry, and action, agriculture’s various areas of power are now hyperlinked. With the
hyperconnectivity of previously separate Financial, Logistical, Analytical, Biological and Social power domains (FLABS) comes an expansion of how we grow, process, distribute, and consume our food, our clothing, our fuel, our materials, our medicine.

With the layering on (expansion) of Internet based hyper-connections, strict adherence to agriculture’s previous separation by transactions commercial model becomes increasingly ineffective, less practical, and increasingly problematic. This type of commercial model transition is not new. For example: automobiles, telephones, airlines, music, movies, governments, academia, computers, etc.

Just as some resisted cars in colors other than black, phone company competition, discount airlines, the digitalization of music and movies,
Bureau of Motor Vehicles that work, Kahn Academy's effect on higher education models, performance driven teaching systems, the mobilization of computers and telephones—smart phones and more, some do resist the expansion in the way we chose to feed, clothe, fuel, protect and heal. That’s OK. They’ll come along—eventually.

To accommodate agriculture’s expansion and its ongoing acceleration, Agnetic, LLC introduces the idea of system design to bring coherence or logical interconnection, to our many hyperlinked systems that: feed us, clothe us, fuel us, protect us, and heal us.

We view agriculture as system of hyper-connected end products, bioprocessing techniques and the many, supply chain products and services, as well as, all related management decisions and activities.

Ag systems come in all shapes:—entrepreneurial, global enterprise, governmental, academic, NGO (non-governmental organization), cooperative and open-sourced—and sizes including: micro, mini, macro.

Important to all are agriculture’s
five Ws:

Who is agriculture about?

What happens in agriculture?

Where does agriculture take place?

When do key decisions place?

Why does agriculture happen the way it does?

In answering agriculture's five Ws, we present the much requested
K.I.S.S. for agriculture chart. We've named it The New Ag Playbook.
Regardless of your current setting, be it entrepreneurial, academic, global enterprise, governmental, NGO, for-profit, not-for-profit, cooperative, or open-sourced, you can use The New Ag Playbook to accommodate and effectively deal with what agriculture’s hyperlinked expansion means to you.
We encourage everyone to use The New Ag Playbook to better drive their own agriculture sector leading head-starts, free cash flow, and market power, that together provide the quantitative and qualitative alignment found in all sustainable systems.

To learn more, check out the rest of the site. When you are ready, we are ready for you.