agnetic is dedicated to helping others improve their ability to move in the world.

  • how to move with artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain and other distributive technologies
  • how to move with the disruption these technologies have created, are creating and will, most likely, continue to create
  • how to move where the role for people or applications are designed to be peer-to-peer power distributors, not central power intermediaries

At agnetic, llc we have spent ten years in basic research, an additional thirteen years in applied research growing a better understanding of what the factors of basic power are and how they interact. We now join others in sharing our understanding of how the ground has shifted beneath the traditional platforms and foundational structures used to control power. .

a bit about how we structure ourselves…

Our un-conventional systems design studio is designed for endurance through grit. Our needs are few; our ability to move quickly and easily with agility is legendary. Like any other institution utilizing a hybrid peer-to-peer business model, our power is not in what or who is at the center, it is how well we regroup and connect with others that complement our abilities, and our abilities complement theirs. 

our power is not in what or who is at the center…

Our clients take front-and-center stage. Because our clients appreciate our discretion and confidentiality, we generally remain behind the scenes in supportive roles.

In order to place our clients in the forefront, agnetic operates with a white label business model. If you look good, we look good…


our team

Chris Pederson

general contracting
common sense lead

Scott Dyer

lead quant

Art Scheele

discover lead

Russ Curry

lead designer, founder


our advisors

Joyce Cacho, PhD

finance, sustainability, accountability

Charles Fine, PhD

operations management
engineering systems

Julie Curry

learning specialist

Tom Cull

technology, human affairs

Milt Voss

getting the right people, with the right stuff,
in the right place, at the right time