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you can tell us by our authenticated to Nature creativity, and more…

an open letter...

the way we are seen acting*…

with cumulative impact

Many who are demonstrating behaviors—thinking, deciding and acting—as if they have forgotten the power of the scientific method to show us all how Nature behaves.

In the Planet ∞ People Interaction loop—an authentic mutual relationship—the Creative Interactions are the leading indicators. The Scientific Method aggregates the lagging indicators.

The soils as health℠ culture is grateful so many from so many places around the globe have chosen as we have: to more widely democratize collegiality—companionship and cooperation between colleagues who share responsibility—as a way to keep things civil, and more…

* In the civil manner of Nature with non-narrative power relationships and behavioral patterns—they way we relate to others, think, decide and act—in creative ways authenticated to Nature’s power pattern(s).

funding source(s)

This open demonstration—to be FLABS* funded by individuals and adjacent peer communities from around the globe and from diverse FLABS backgrounds—among other things is designed, has been developed and is now deployed to remind us all of the power of the scientific method to maintain order—Nature’s order.

  • * FLABS is an idiom for the following items and the connections between them and between them and the rest of humanity:
    • Financial, Logistical, Analytical, Biological, Social 

an administrative model applicable to business, education, military, religion and more…

Like Nature itself, and the scientific method, this demonstration has been and will continue to be an ongoing process of self-healing ∞ self-balancing where one move with many benefits℠ happen in abundance naturally—without special help or intervention; in a natural manner, in a normal manner; without distortion or exaggeration, by nature, as a logical result, as may be expected; of course.

mutual power of interdependent systems

The soils as health culture never forgets the power—the ability to do something or act in a particular way (and not the other)—of Nature and the scientific method—two interdependent systems—to heal in a self-healing ∞ self-balancing℠ way.

Click picture to see example of how everything does connect to everything else.
Thank you PBS Nova.

bio ∞ digital dynamics illustrates inseparable relationships…

everything connects…

Environmental, Social, and Governance Criteria (ESG) creates growing awareness old economic models[1] are no longer sufficient to fully account for business and other administrative model’s[2} interdependent relationship to a healthy Planet.

  1. Long standing mindsets of what rational thinking is and is not, gets leveled up to accommodate new data now in evidence. 
    • Whereas extraction economics evolved into product economics, which evolved into service economics, new data confirms experience economics—where attitudinal and atmospheric data drive the model is upon us and headed to transformational economics.
    • We suggest this backgrounder: Welcome to the Experience Economy 
  2. Other administrative models include, but not limited to:
    • commercial, academic, educational, military, governmental, religious, and more…

Healthier People Interacting with a Healthier Planet℠

a public demonstration: because actions have more meaning that words

Many are discovering the power of business to make impactful change. Will you join us in accommodating these increasing numbers by gathering with us to grow a new global culture capable of spawning new consumer centric hybrid business models where Planet ∞ People healthcare performance is measurably and meaningfully different?

among other things, this demo puts into action...

soils as health℠ culture

the unifying experience of
farming, food and healthcare systems...

a one move with many benefits℠

A public demonstration of a welcoming change leading to...

Food displacing medicine℠

A radical rethinking with a capacity to deliver—starting with a clean slate for the general purpose of food:

we have been here before...

History has demonstrated similar flipping power dynamics before…

…join in the evolving
understanding of power’s dynamics

the sun does not revolve around us

the data does not revolve around us1

  1. We humans have done it again. We have created a new technology we don’t yet fully understand. We think how Galileo handled things is a good reference for how to relate to new data flowing from new technology. To see how legacy power (business & more) models hinder power moves (an anticipated historical event because power moves in anticipatory cycles and loops)

    check out this modern example where models hinder power involving Microsoft ∞ Google.

    “Probably the best example is Microsoft: the company didn’t ”miss mobile“ — Windows Mobile came out in 2000 — but rather was handicapped by its allegiance to its license–based modular business model and inability to envision a world where its core product (Windows) was a planet orbiting mobile‘s sun; everything about Windows Mobile’s design presumed the exact opposite.”

    – From Ben Thompson’s Stratechery blog: “How Google is Challenging AWS.”

Thank you Encyclopedia Britannica.
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