cumulative impact now widely available...

Providing an alternative—regardless of your preferred scope, scale or impact…

Our authenticated to Nature demos are found at the intersection of
business strategy, biology, and Nature saving you time, space and resources*.

* For illustration, we are giving birth to a public demonstration illustrating how business and other administrative models can entrain[2.1] to Nature—fall gradually into synchrony. More about our private business offerings below…

leveling up your life skills...

overcoming how some play on the fears of individuals, communities and more…

ESG & ecosystem(s) interactions

mutual exchange of favors and data—just like Nature…

business & other admin models morphing faster...

global growth spurts & collapses occur “unexpectedly”—it’s just Nature…

cumulative action layer 0.1: leveling up personal life skills…

modern complexity(s) requires synthesis skills

authentic power is more about rebalancing what is available...

Improving one’s current general situation in life—while living in the real-world limits of your community’s presently accepted cultural patterns is complexity defined.

Providing access to this and other authenticated to Nature life skills is what we do. Tickets to this access can be obtained socially[2], financially and more…

Thank you Systems Innovation. Also, Khan Academy has a nice complementary piece providing well-rounded competition. For really deep dive we like: Bernhard Riemann’s Analysis and Synthesis-On Scientific Method provided by the Swedish Morphological Society

WAFA doesn't work

Worry. Anxiety, Fear, and Anger are often the “tools” culture’s governed by institutional facts use to order society. Others choose alternatives to bring forth brute facts (unexplained facts) for societies to explore. What type of society conditioned you?

Brute Facts, Not Force

Currently popular social construct puts forth brute force—among other things, the leveraging of personal platforms into public space or the leveraging of humans into biological or intellectual categorizes—is worth the effort. Based on the lack of leveraged based system’s endurance in natural systems and biology’s ability to escape human capture, we put forward—maybe not?

Brute facts tend to outwit, outplay, outlast institutional facts. 

Khan Academy’s brute facts and institutional facts video.

asking for and receiving help... works

In Nature’s peer-to-peer environment, there is a continuous synthesizing / measuring of the the direction, quantity and quality of reciprocal action[v2.1].

Nature is seen balancing and rebalancing into a coherent whole—who is asking for help, who is not, and who is seen taking action—not just providing “mental constructs”, “models”, “intentions”, “sentiments”, “perceptions” and other self-absolving euphemisms.

We choose Nature’s authentic run towards the fire illustration.

cumulative action layer 0.2: morphing away from mere “sustainability”…

meaningful private conversations & demonstrations

ESG* = new metrics leads old

Ironically business and technologists have done so good, they have flipped the script on themselves; minimum viable ecosystem(s) have replaced conventional business and other admin models.

hybrid business model accommodating shifting relationships to time, space and resources called forth by:

  1. Old math, models and science fall into lagging indicator status.
  2. New math, models and science segue into leading indicator status.

  and more…

circuitous (roundabout)

Are your business and admin systems no longer predictable?

In complex adaptable systems external events and interaction can cascade and reshape the entire system—a property called emergence. The new structure then influences the events and interactions, and so on.

“Tweaks” and “pivots” and other outcome-based “linear thinking, deciding and acting or “linear behaviors” add to the chaos. Intellectually “taking a pause” to grow robustness and resilience does polar opposite, and more…

Discretionary use of ancient and modern technology is a great place to start.

More on this here…

corporate survival

In a increasingly complex world, business and other admin “double down” on classic approaches. How is that working? Not well.

Once perceived to be enduring institutions, corporations die, on average at younger age than their employees. Neither scale nor experience guards against their demise.

To mitigate such risk, we demonstrate how to grow redundancy with existing resources* in a highly cost-effective manner.

  • * resources: Financial, Logistical, Analytical, Biological, Social or FLABS


How “Controlling” Planet’s & People’s Health Works

Attempts to leverage, “control what you can” and other direct distillation methods are unsustainable, often create brittle, crumbling and other counterintuitive outcomes at all levels. Simplistic causal models, and attempting to manage individual behavior must be avoided. 

Naturally distilling such power creates more robust, resilient, meaningful and beneficial well-being to more people—not to mention the Planet’s health.

The power of human agency works in a similar manner.

To bring back the power of human agency (and more…), we demonstrate to your existing team, behaviors—thinking, deciding and action patterns —mimicking nature. Once natural power patterns catch on—we are gone.

cumulative action layer 0.3: scaling globally for cumulative impact

mechanical “framework” quickly giving way to more resilient faster, frictionless biological alternatives…

Mutualism* Regains Its Power…

Politicos and journalists discover “full court press”, “all hands on deck” and call it “flood the zone”. It too lacks resiliency and is unsustainable. 

When others attempt to “flood your zone”, do what Nature does: take a pause℠. This is not passivity. We can show you, your community, institution, and with today’s technologies entire nations and societies around the world how to gather and focus dispersed thoughts, decisions and actions into an authenticated to Nature alternative order.

If your sense of “control” is showing some cracks, or has already been shattered, we recognize mutualism is the light shining through the cracks. 

Ironically, loss of “control” is a positive. “letting go” and other startingpoint interactions are seen throughout Nature. It is how life forms participate with each other to bring more freedom and greater good for all.

  • * Mutualism[*1.1]—“interaction between two or more species where they each benefit”

Thank you Steve Thompson.

How well does your business supply chains, education / academic institutions, military, religious and other administrative models, math, modality[2.1] and more… level up to the intensity density of Nature’s mutualistic interdependencies?

How many such connections do you see?

ecological modeling takes lead…

The density of FLABS connections could indicate greater resilience—strategic economical, governmental, educational, academic, operational commercial and more… 

To better interact with and improve climatic induced catastrophic events we are working with today’s farmers to find one move with many benefits℠ metrics.

While others use dominan-based metrics they can “control”, others are discovering how to move from the over-capitalization farming model to one more capable.

An illustration*:

  conventional farmer: 1,400 horse power for just 3,500 acres farmed

  transitioning farmer: 600 horse power for 3,000 acres farmed

  soils as health℠ farmer: 1,200 horse power for 7,000 acres farmed

  • * If your business and admin is not working with new “ratio of ratios” metrics, you are being left behind.
  • * If you are in healthcare today and not looking at your upstream providers / suppliers / consultants, etc. and think hp / acre ratio doesn’t affect you, you have a bit of catching up to do, and more…

binary beginnings collapse
not “unexpected” by all…

Human nature and conventional organizational behavior, generally speaking, are narrowly scoping and leaves no room for the power of emergence. People tent to “build” what they have built in the past and defend what they have defended in the past.

Initially letting go of an intense need to achieve “predicability” above all else is helpful. Growing, rather than “building”, order through naturally distilling power dynamics establishs a more resilient order—soon enough to be relevant (both effect and efficient).

Then, with discretionary use of ancient and modern technology, mutualistic behaviors between humans naturally—without drama or malice—kicks in for the long haul—regardless of scale, scope or impact targets and other sought after “predicables”. 

Because actions are more powerful than words, our demonstrations bring about order in a sooner rather than later timeline. 

the demo = step change

Moving like Nature’s fast frictionless mutualism is key. While preserving and respecting ancient linear “education” models—like first one learns, then one earns and then one returns gain tangibles and intangibles to those coming up next—this is more about peers from seemingly disparate disciplines learning along side each other—at a large enough scale to be meaningful in time, space and resources*…

  • *  an illustration: What is a US$ 1.0 billion dollar discovery project in a world where trillion dollar spends and systems are now common? The same as what US$ 1.0 million wa when US$ 100 million was sufficient.
holding space for more to come...

The relationship between we humans, our technology and the Planet is an evolving complexity. Often the power dynamics gets reversed. A systems design question we are interacting with is:

“What effect on the ancient premise of most business around the world today—buyer beware, and other information asymmetry situation disclaimers, and the many industries whose foundations rest on such “soil”, will ESG metrics’ next logical fiduciary duty layout have?