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 it’s not what power is  ∞  it’s how power moves.

power ∞ frictions ∞ interplay

Power (the ability to do something or act in a particular way), how it works, and what it means to be powerful has changed in many areas of human endeavors. (More here.)

Classic leveraged-based power systems1 are losing their hold while new machine learning power systems 2 are rising. Few understand the interplay between leveraged-based and machine learning power systems. Fewer still can effectively leverage this power interplay to optimize their own power systems to achieve deeper levels of efficiency, effectiveness and free cash flow. Observing the interplay reveals the friction of your power system
Understanding frictions to power3 is helpful, but there is more..
As providers of tactical pathways to power, one way we transfer power is to run power scenarios and simulations with you and your team. Soon you (individuals and institutions alike) will observe the new tactical pathways to power, which calls for new perception and decision-making loops. It sounds complicated. It sounds cumbersome. It is not. There will be an initial stumbling period, but with our help this is shortened.

One effective starting point is the following perception and decision-making loop:

1) compare and contrast This is where what does and doesn’t work for others in similar situations, and contrast it with what is and is not working on your own unique pathway to power.

2) regroup This is the regrouping of operations, planning, strategies, and all perception & decision-making structures, and more…

…to follow the data* into deeper learning, and more… (*algorithms, artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, and more…)

3) reap & refocus Have the discipline and focus to reap the rewards of being the first to grab more value from greater productivity & deeper levels of efficiency. These new levels of efficiency and value creation become the industry setting, lowest cost producer which challenges all other competitors to match. Power moves in repeatable patterns. If you sense the patterns of your power system are fading, while others are rising, we can help…
        1. » business » academic » political » financial » healthcare » governmental » religious » military » logistical » food » biological » educational » learning » analytical » targeting » agricultural » soical » commercial » perception making » decision-making systems » and so much more…
        2. artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, blockchains, cloud computing, hyper-connected networks, and so much more…). 
        3. Three types of frictions predominate today.

          ∞1 Information frictions: Participants in a transaction don’t have access to the same information; the required information is not easily accessible; and security and privacy risks keep rising.

          ∞2 Interaction frictions: Intermediaries are needed to help deal with growing scale and complexity; transactions take longer due to arcane global processes; and a lack of trusted marketplaces in many economies around the world.

          ∞3 Innovation frictions: These include legacy systems, bureaucratic processes and institutional inertia; restrictive regulations that stifle innovation and change; and growing uncertainties and threats that make it harder to move forward.

          …Blockchains: the Promise of More Frictionless, Trusted Economies 


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