How Osmosis Deleverages Leverage's Power

Meaningful Change Authenticated to Nature…

Photo by Amal S on Unsplash
Photo by Amal S on Unsplash

an aside: This is a complex interaction demonstration (3rd in a series of 3 [1] ).  The other two found under activity.

the power of asking the right questions

What are the ecosystem design question(s) your team asks to backcheck itself so they don’t get caught up when ecosystems collapse? Or at the very least are seen doing such a narrow version of “innovation” many watching see them as not having a minimal viable amount of nunchi

The examples below are pulled from a number of adjacent agriculture, food and healthcare industry sectors. Initially, they may seem unrelated. In fact, we see them demonstrating similar behavioral pattern. It is as if they all have the same playbook—and the book has one page.

Within in each of their separate business cultures I believe the popular euphemism is “pivoting”.  Others, with nunchi, might see it as marauding or seeking relevance as regenerative agriculture’s (and more..) demand destruction of old agricultural economic models continues…

We are simply confused.

The ecosystem design question we ask ourselves is…

“Why do people “double down” and use other forms of dominion, like leverage, when Nature offers the power of osmosis, and more?”

We thank all of the above demonstrators for their help in helping us all recognize the time for a soils as health℠ demonstration for all to learn from is now. All are invited.

Soils as health℠ and open sourced community and it’s Healthier People Interacting with a Healthier Planet℠  kickstarter are demonstrations of global meaningful change, and more… 

nontrivial end notes:

∞ 1. disclosure / transparency statement: soils as health℠ is a powerful idiom developed for an agnetic, llc client—Polyculture by Design, LLC or “pbd, llc”. pbd, llc was formed to provide an open forum (known as the Healthier People Interacting with a Healthier Planet℠  demonstration) to show others what cumulative impact is, and is not; how it works, and how it doesn’t; how it is authenticated to Nature, and open to all.

Because agnetic’s traditional private clients seek to continue to enjoy their privacy, pbd, llc was formed by agnetic’s founder, Russ Curry, By hosting an open demonstration operated by agnetic, agnetic is free to bring cumulative impact to the many billions with Internet access and those without who are in close adjacency.

∞ 2. We often place a number of examples side by side so as to draw the reader’s attention to the overall broader behavioral pattern (the way folks think, decide and act), and not to cross the line most cultures—particularly the soils as health℠ culture (—enforces. We speak of the line where folks stop treating other folks with no dignity and respect—even when others lead with such behaviors. 

∞ 3. Please understand what is happening here—a demonstration of how overcoming cultural resistance to change works by treating everyone with dignity and respect, and not leverage or other forms of dominion—and what does not work, like the appeasement of dominating behavior. In other words mere intellectual interactions and not “push backs”, “talk backs” and most certainly not “fighting” back. None are appropriate ways of conversing with those seen behaving without nunchi. ( 

Need an example? Watch this space to see if anyone tries to conflate what we seek to converse about—human behavioral patterns authenticated to Nature—with what we are not talking about—any individual human’s, institution’s, group’s of any size or sovereign nation’s behaviors. 

∞ 4. This is 3 of 3 related posting demonstrating the power of mutualism and osmosis over leverage, “platforms” and other forms of dominion.

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