Overcoming Limited Bandwidth
And Other Cultural Resistance To Change

So many are so constantly busy and tied up in knots.
Is it not time for a demonstration of an alternative authenticated to Nature?

an agnetic aside: We are looking forward to the exchanges and further growing out of these ideas. The following written stream of consciousness article is intended to break with the conventional narrative and non-narrative writing rules as a first step in these exchanges. Here is an illustration of the “more…” we see.1

moving on…2

  1. looping you in… (lyi…): Adjacent Nontrivial Note(s) at the end are integral.

    We find the both present day understanding of narrative and non–narrative writing styles lack the vitality today‘s world awakening to the bio ∞ digital dynamic Nature is offering humanity. We recognize a hybrid vigor is needed to better cope with today’s complexity.

    • Here is a sampling of how our hybrid writing style works and what it is attempting to be accomplish.
      • Among other things hybrid vigor is known to accommodate the broader points of view and other power dynamics known to be present when transdisciplinary teams form to access a situation in a manner quick enough to be relevant.

    Adjacent Nontrivial Note(s):

    [1] “moving on…” is an idiom we use to inform others even though we are moving on—regardless of their personal state of readiness—as we also hold space for them.

    While some might conflate this with a leveraging technique known as FOMO or “fear of missing out”, we are grateful for the many more— our present working estimate is 93 our of 100—who do have enough comprehensive situational awareness (known as nunchi)—to recognize the so much more happening here.

    [2] stream of consciousness is

    • a “narrative technique in nondramatic fiction intended to render the flow of myriad impressions—visual, auditory, physical, associative, and subliminal—that impinge on the consciousness of an individual and form part of his awareness along with the trend of his rational thoughts.”

    [3] The back story: The power of improvising and riffing

    We recognize genuine creativity—not to be confused with a maladaptive “hack”, “tweak”, “pivot” or other derivative that sometimes passes for originality—is required to overcome the failed state of today’s Financial, Logistical, Analytical, Biological, Social systems.

    The soils as health℠ culture’s Optimizing with Nature℠ expands the use of both improvisation—producing from what is available—and riffing—a short repeating phrase—to expand legacy expectations of what is and is not possible, and overcome other cultural resistances to change.  ↩︎

    Here is a improvisational riff demo relating back to agnetic‘s and pbd’s founder’s youth:

    • Major Concerts Coordinator for the Univeristy of Nebraska–Lincoln, was one of the many jobs Russ Curry held to help put himself through college.
    • The Count Basie Orchestra, a prominent Swing Era jazz performing group, was one of the many bands hosted during his tenure.
    • Count Basie’s unique sound consisted, among other things, a unique head arrangement style of playing where within a repeating pattern of music played by the entire band, different soloists would be featured. Interestingly, these arrangements were worked out by the players themselves in a period of time when most arrangements were written down and accredited to a specific arranger.
      • lyi.. Such seemingly complex—to the audience and others in adjacency but not to the performer‘s themselves as their unique feedback loop made healthy adjustments as they practiced often together—head arrangements are now recognized as a leading influencer on present day peer polyphony arrangements used in agnetic’s private business of helping others deliver cumulative impact , pbd, llc‘s soils as health℠ business and a main attribute of pbd’s open demo known as Healthier People Interacting with a Healthier Planet℠ .
    • The presence of head arrangements created situations where the audience, and hosts, never knew ahead of time what was or was not going to happen during the show itself.
    • It was this unique improvising within known riffing arrangements naturally drew in the crowd, and delivered satisfaction across the FLABS board.
      • Here is a sample of the ‘improvising within a known pattern or riff’—which by the way, the soils as health℠ culture recognizes is how Nature moves, and is also what Optimizing with Nature℠ is all about—The Count Basie Orchestra’s “One O’Clock Jump”.
      • Again listen for the shifting repeatable musical patterns played by the orchestra as individual soloists demonstrate what they worked out with their polyphony’s peers.
    • Don‘t worry if you don’t have any academic “credentials”, money, social connections, or other forms of value valued by the material monarchy folks—none of that is required here. None of that malarkey holds the level of worth [1] they try to convince the rest of us is important so they need to leverage the rest of us.
    • In the soils as health℠ culture all who eat are welcomed into our community where experience being reciprocal with others is valued over how much tangible or intangible material—yes, even more than the holy grail of the materialistic—their beloved “credibility”.

    What is a viable next step?

    Drop by for a visit, have a look around. When it works for you, consider contributing a JIFI or PIFI.

    Doing so will signal you are ready for more, and there is more…

  2. “moving on…” is an idiom we use to inform others even though we are moving on—regardless of their personal state of readiness—as we also hold space for them.

    While some might conflate this with a leveraging technique known as FOMO or “fear of missing out”, we are grateful for the many more— our present working estimate is 93 our of 100—who do have enough comprehensive situational awareness (known as nunchi)—to recognize the so much more happening here.  ↩︎

Cumulative Impact Investing: Soils As The Foundation To Business And More…

nunchi current-220327
  • In this case, investing is a placeholder for…1

  1. Investing is used here as a placeholder for any number of Planet and People Interaction loops, including but not limited to:  ↩︎

    • healthcare activities
    • business and other administrative activities
    • religious activities
    • governmental activities
    • education learning and other academic activities
    • tech and futurtech activities
    • military activities
    • communication activities
    • political activities
    • agricultural activities
    • perception & decision–making activities
    • and more…
nunchi current-220327

Business integration in industry’s involving inert raw materials seen “lacking the ability or strength to move” (like financial services, technology, digital platforms, low and high priced products (from trains, plains and automobiles to nuts and bolts and other micro-widgets)) are complicated endeavors, that may or may not benefit by trying to make processes “simpler”. Ref: Supply Webs Rise…

Business and other administrative integrations of industry’s involving living things (microbial, plant, animal, human and more…) are authentically complex. And, there is no benefit from trying to make such complexity simple. None.

Sound unbelievable? Believe it. Some of the world’s smartest minds with seemingly unlimited budget each demonstrating their own version of Keeping It Simple are seen failing to reach objectives and goals—not to mention anything close to state mission or vision.

Posted yesterday, we now have a near adjacent resource to help folks trapped in today’s Keeping it Simple siloed farming food and healthcare sectors recognize what a broader soils as health℠ alternative experience is like1.

  • The above popup footnote contains the What does a good customer experience look like material, but there is more…
  • Importantly, Overcoming Cultural Resistance to Change℠ is not just the “bigger picture”. Importantly it is also about the how little things get done.
  • The soils as health℠ folks frictionlessly ping-pong2 between the big picture ideation and implementing the nitty-gritty actions involved in delivering meaningful results capable of providing both materialistic needs and mutualistic outcomes.

One of the key distinguishers between merely complicated industry integrations and complex ones are sunk costs (time and effort spent getting the band together) before any song is written, practiced or preformed.

  • That way every member of the band not only gets a say in what her role will be, but also be the beneficiary of long-tail residuals do her.

We recognize these authenticated to Nature flip-the-script power moves may appear to be “lacking credibility”. In fact they are the polar opposite—an authenticated to Nature cumulative impact event.

Our working term is Optimizing with Nature℠.

  1. Ref: the 2nd video found at the bottom of this page: apple business essentials. Basically just as Apple has gravitated to its emerging subscription–based business model, so to goes today‘s collapsing farming, food and healthcare silo–based business models, and more…
    side note: With the advantage of Clockspeed Insight look for this power move to go much faster than Apple’s power move… (Thank you MIT professor Dr. Charles Fine!)

    Adjacent Nontrivial Nitty–Gritty…

    A Cumulative Impact Ecosystem Design Thought Experience:  ↩︎

    • Remove Apple‘s focus on the computer user’s experience involving: hardware, software, service(s), tech support and more…
    • Replace with soils as health℠ culture‘s guest’s experience involving:
      • soils as health℠ integrated and branded:
        • raw food ingredients from soils as health℠
          microbial network(s), plants, animals, and their associated epigenetic ~ genetic relationship(s) and more…
        • individual packaged goods:
        • prepared meals dialed into their personal health needs, taste preferences, lifestyles and more…
        • Health Service(s) Providers
          • medicine
          • doctors
          • nurses
          • dietitians
          • and more…
        • Physical work out needs
          • locations & equipment
          • safe work out environments among like–minded folks
        • Physical therapy
          • locations, staffing, equipment and more…
        • Surgery
          • Hospitals, out–patient, and more…
        • Short and long–term care
          • facilities, staffing, food, equipment and more…
            • assisted living facilities that double as neighbor hood kitchens, regardless of the guest’s degree of involvement
        • just food deliver
          and more…
  2. Here are some spaces we are ping–ponging between polar opposite alternatives until a no–brainer interaction feedback loop authenticated to Nature is comes naturally:  ↩︎

    • Social: both ancient and modern interaction patterns designed to help cultures overcome resistance to change
      • both ancient and modern communication technologies
      • leveraging tools and osmotic instruments
    • Biological: ancient and modern epigenetic relationships and associated genetics involving
      • microbial, plant, animal and more
    • Analytical: Waste reducing round math authenticated to Nature on equal footing with humanly contrived square math
    • Logistical: Self–optimizing short–haul supply webs on equal footing with fragile long–haul supply chains
    • Financial: Crowdfunding and traditional leveraged funding