something better is here…

moving like the physical world, not a treadmill…to tame chaos & reduce friction

Note: Individuals, institutions and industries are using distributive technologies to move
out-of-the-box of central power intermediation and into
peer mediation environments…

all without top-down, central power intermediation

Some two and half years ago we laid out the following point of view of the power patterns we saw in the conventional ’supply chain’ industries:

It is our design viewpoint that commercial relationships between industry insiders boil down into one of the following areas:
»1 Domination: Us over Them
»2 Revolution: Us overthrowing Them
»3 Assimilation: Us absorbing Them
»4 Purification: Us eliminating Them
»5 Competition: Us competing with Them
»6 Victimization/Self-Preservation: Us oppressed by Them
»7 Isolation: Us apart from Them

We offer up an alternative commercial ∞ food relationship ~ Election. Election provides a strong, distinct identity for Us, one without hostility and that represents the social domain food ∞ Ag’s nature-based subsystem. In other words, we don’t need to diminish others to grow a better food system. We can simply elect, by way of making different food..

Since that time we have dedicated ourselves to bringing forth ’something better’. We believe we have found it. It’s working for us, it may work for you.

What is it? It’s a different point of view that we have named

‘Across-the-board Patterns ∞ Opportunities ∞ Value (POV)”.

In our view, each of the seven, conventional levarage-based power relationships listed above share a core premise that goes something like this:

  • Binary-thinking
  • Top-down
  • From-the-center power intermediary
  • Outcome-based
  • One-size-fits-all
  • Humanly contrived mental constructs 1 and commonalities2

All power (first: thinking, then: decision making, then authorization to do anything) needs to run through the authoritarian’s box (or simply, “in-the-box”).

Resulting in collapse, when engaged with the physical world.

The core premise to this ‘in-the-box’ human affairs 3 model is being morphed 4 in fundamental ways not yet clearly understood.

What is understood, in our point of view (POV) is a new form of human affairs power pattern enabled by these distributive technologies5.

This new human affairs model we have named…

’Across-the-Board’ (balanced data, perception, decision and action making).

Within this ‘across-the-board’ POV we see fundamental differences to prior challenges…

  • We have to stop defending the collapsing in-the-box, central control intermediation
  • The new challenges are overwhelming and deserve equal, and soon dominate status
  • We need to get out ahead of this so we can play a role in defining it and the direction it goes.

We see a common power pattern in others “trying to get out ahead of something that is fundamentally uncontrollable” and is challenging our ability to make our way in the world in the following events:

IBM embracing the blockchain6

Goldman Sachs embraces blockchain7

IMF and blockchain8

US Army and hybrid war9

In the examples listed, it is our POV that it is the context of the patterns shown and not the content where the power lies. There are no shortcuts or silver bullets to this and other distributive technologies challenges facing Us today.

Other have already been moved to new power “Patterns ∞ Opportunities ∞ Value”.
Are you ready to open up some space to see what these folks see?

  1. narratives, talking points, pivoting, leveraging, agendas where the decision has been made predetermined, and more…
  2. planning, funding, processing, missions, visions, goals, objectives, ranking, expectations and more…
  3. Human affairs: the way we all interact with each other, our technologies and the physical world
  4. changing from one form to another where the current form may look nothing like what came before, or what comes next…—morph1 | môrf |verbchange smoothly from one image to another by small gradual steps using computer animation techniques: with object : 3-D objects can be morphed into other objects.• undergo or cause to undergo a gradual process of transformation: no object : the cute moppet has morphed into the moody moll of the indie world.nounan image that has been morphed by computer animation.

    • an instance of morphing an image.


    1990s: element from metamorphosis.

  5. internet, blockchain, sensors and more…
  6. here are some of the links we found interesting:(note: may involve paywalls)IBM Bets on Bitcoin LedgerIBM and Microsoft will let you roll your own blockchainKey Blockchain Vendors, Cloud Providers Square Off in Major TestIBM Set to Launch One of the Largest Blockchain Implementations to Dateand more…
  7. Blockchain – The New Technology of TrustGoldman Sachs Weighs Trading Cryptocurrenciesand more…
  8. Forget Bitcoin. Have You Heard of IMFcoin?The IMF Launches Consultations on the Role of the Special Drawing Right with External Advisory Group
  9. U.S. Army Outlines New Approach to Shifting Battlefields